Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finished on August 31. Knitting along with you all has really helped my sock knitting!

Yarn is Malabrigo Sock in the Primavera colorway.


  1. congrats, beth!! ...unfortunately, knitting along did not help me last month - but I'm hoping for a change in september!

  2. look at you- i'm almost done with one sock-i'm knitting til i use up the yarn, so not sure when i'll be done. love the color.

  3. So pretty! You will laugh if you look at what socks I did for August. I finished a pair, but not the toe-up pattern that we choose. I have one done and am pondering over the look of the bind off. I may frog the sock and forget toe-up. I can't decide. And thus, the lone sock is sleeping in a project bag for awhile.

  4. Thanks, Mary!

    Lydia - I was going to knit til the yarn was done, too. But I ended up getting bored. I think I still have 28 grams left. They may have ended up being knee socks if I had kept knitting! :)

    Lynn - You knit Zig Zag socks in August, right? I love those socks! How bad does the bind off bother you? It will be under jeans, right? I think you should go for sock #2!