Saturday, October 23, 2010

SAFF 2010

as promised here's a report from SAFF-we really enjoyed it-there were more vendors in another building (if you can imagine!) the weather was gorgeous, and the drive up very easy-but was still 4 hours. my mom and i left as scheduled, and listened to an ann perry book on the way up and back. we were here for about 2 hours, but next year i'd like to add another 1/2 hour. there were several stalls that had buttons, shawl pens etc., but we just didn't have the time to really browse. we had plans to meet friends for lunch so that's why we cut it a bit short. this was a well attended and well organized event. LOTS of knitters about with their lovely shawlettes and sweaters. many of these vendors were also at stitches south.
the show arena-they show animals here (was surprised that it was not animal smelly) this facility is the western north carolina agricultural center.

my mom plays with some roving. she also talks to angora bunnies and llamas-but that's my mom!
we hunted desperately for the animals-we weren't going to come this far and not see animals. we finally found them at the far end of the stalls- say hello to a llama-they are soooo soft and cute!
here's another-they're about the size of a pony. the colors were amazing.

say hello to an alpaca-too sweet
now what you really wanted to know about- from l-r: miss babs monochrome sock in lilacs, kitchen sink dye works luxe merino fine (10% cashmere-mmmmm) in meg, grass, and dexter, and knitting notions ruby. also got some cute stitch markers (resting on grass). it was great fun, and i'm hoping to go again next year-the weather being as gorgeous as it was really made it enjoyable. there's more photos here.

i also saw this designer, and had meant to go back to look at her patterns again, her hats are adorable.


  1. Great review! I want an alpaca now. :)

  2. looks like you had a great what you came home with! (I've met ms tottopper - she comes into CoC - a very nice person!)

  3. beth, i want one too-maybe we can all live on a commune-sara can do the gardening and other foodie bits, we'll weave our own cloth, spin our own yarn and grow our own grapes for wine! okay maybe not-mary-i didn't realize she was local, i should have spent more time at her booth.

  4. I'm in on the commune idea! :)