Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Morning Babbling.

November 2nd already. and I'm happy to report the gift knitting is going well. I should have photos to share of project #1 tomorrow.

I was feeling so good about it, that I started casting on the 311 stitches for Hawthorne. Also thinking about knitting Katie's shawl in Sublime. because don't you think a merino, cashmere, silk blend would be gorgeous?

We had a lovely time at Beth's on Friday. (Thank you, Beth, for having us!) The food, the conversation, the knitting - and of course the company!! - was perfect. I'll get my recipe for the hot shrimp dip posted in our Recipes page. The cookies were from this recipe (note that the recipe calls for 3 teaspoons of sugar but only tells you how to use two of them - I put the 3rd one into the wet mixture before I added the dry ingredients). I am only sorry that 1) Virginia wasn't there too; and 2) we didn't take a group photo!!! Next time, ladies, for sure!

And speaking of Next Time, how about Friday, December 3 at my house? I'd first suggested December 10, but Lydia says that won't work. I know the weekends get really busy in December, but another suggestion would be a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Finally, a bit of knitting news - Corinna Ferguson is hosting a Mystery Sock pattern in November. She says the pattern works up best in a solid or semi-solid yarn that's not too dark.  (and no, I'm not even considering casting these on now :-)


  1. i'd be up for the november sock KAL, but like you won't cast on yet-group photo mandatory and more show and tell. thanks for the cookie recipe, it's on the official list of "things to make"!

  2. I will be in Birmingham on December 3 and 4th.

  3. Oh, and does anyone have to ask if I am up for a sock in November........... :)