Tuesday, June 29, 2010

September socks.

A bit more poking around and I found a polling widget. Check out the sidebar to see potential options for September's socks!!  Respond with comments about ones you'd like me to add to the polling list (think it's easier if one person owns the poll for each month - someone else gets to own October, November, etc.!)

Now if I could find a great calendar widget, we'd be set - absent that, I've created a simple list with the meetups that we have planned for the next few weeks.


  1. would love to knit the embossed leaves-this is a great/easy pattern. not real keen on the TTL mystery sock unless we can figure out how to do the cable without a needle.

  2. The Embossed Leaves sock is pretty, too!

    You'd be able to cable without a needle. I learned from tutorials and videos online. And I've found that depending on the cable, it's sometimes quicker to use a needle.