Thursday, July 1, 2010

Looks great with jeans!

Mary & Karen on Mary's deck, Wednesday evening

Yep, our current socks are looking great with jeans! and two more things:

1. I think Lynn is the only one of us who can knit a pair of socks in a month. Since this whole thing is supposed to be fun, not stressful, should we "relax" our schedule and think about a new pair every other month? We can do the picot edge for July (and those of us who want can participate in the CoC KAL toe-up socks in August) and then pick new patterns for September, November, etc....

2. Would someone else please chime in with a post or a comment? please?!


  1. Sorry...I was just telling myself last night that I need to write on the blog. I'll post something today.

    I love this photo! Wasn't it nice out last night?! I ate my dinner outside.

  2. I think that a pair of socks every other month is a great idea. I was just stressing over the Fair Enough Sweater and thinking that Alexandria class is just around the corner. I want knitting to be fun, peaceful, and joyful. I don't want to stress over deadlines, nor anyone else.

  3. every other month works for me-don't want to over stress the wrist. picot edge for july is perfect since i'll have knitting time in chicago.