Saturday, July 10, 2010

picot edge sock love

how are ya'll coming along-really like the way the picot edge is constructed, mary and karen remember the last one's we tried? i'm also enjoying the way this colorway is knitting up-i'm using koigu painter's pallette premium KPM111 is the colorway-think it needs a real name!great sock yarn.


  1. um, yeah, I haven't started mine yet! but my june socks are just 3 repeats away from the toe, so they should be finished soon...and then I'll cast on the picot edge. LOVE the way the edge looks (I've seen lynn's) and your yarn is lovely. it would be great if kpppm had names instead of numbers!

  2. Lydia, that is such great yarn and your sock is looking wonderful! I like the way the picot edge is done, too.

    I have about 3 inches done of one sock. So far, so good! :)

  3. Lydia, Your sock is sooo pretty! You're making me want to start another pair of the picot edge socks...... Socks, I need prayer... :)