Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sock Patterns We Like

Hey everyone! Mary and I discussed adding a link list to the sidebar for keeping track of patterns we like that we may want to knit. If everyone adds a favorite sock pattern or two (or three or...) then we can use the list for deciding on which socks to knit.

It's really easy to add items to the list.

1) Sign in. The page will look the same as the one when you don't sign in, but in the sidebar you will see little icons that look like tools.

2) Click on the tool icon for Sock Patterns We Like. You'll see this:

3) Type or paste in the URL for the sock pattern you want to add in the New Site URL slot.

4) Type or paste in the name of the sock pattern in the New Site Name slot.

5) Press the Add Link icon.

6) Press the Save icon.

That's it! You can then view the blog to check that your new link is there.

Now, which sock patterns do you like? :)

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