Saturday, August 7, 2010

Socks for August and September.

Is it obvious to everyone that our August sock is the Cast-on Cottage KAL? Wendy Johnson's toe-up Double Eyelet Ribs in case you've been under a rock and 1) don't read the CoC blog (shame on you!) or 2) don't talk to me (I don't think any of you have that excuse!).

And based on conversation more than the voting on our sidebar, I think September is going to be the Embossed Leaves . I have a(nother :-) skein of Sophie's Toes in the "merlot" colorway which seems to be crying out to be "grape leaves". We'll see....

Hopefully we have enough copies of Favorite Socks floating around to get everyone the pattern. Please comment if you need it.


  1. looking forward to both of these. the toe on the embossed leaves has such a nice look.

  2. I'm looking forward to both, too. I don't have that book but may just buy it. I searched the library catalog because I thought for sure I had checked it out before, but they don't have it listed.

  3. I found out yesterday that the pattern is also available in the IK Winter 2005 issue.